Pricing Policy

Rich and Wanda’s World products are displayed with two Prices, the Retail Price and our Selling Price. Both of these suggested prices are placed in our online store at the time we import a product from our Suppliers.

Retail Price
The Retail Price, in most cases, is the same price given us when we imported the product and is usually unchanged by Rich and Wanda’s World. It reflects the suggested selling price of the manufacturer in a Retail Store. The Retail Price will only be change if our Supplier informs Rich and Wanda’s World that the price has been changed by the manufacture.

Sales Price
This is actually Rich and Wanda’s Selling Price of the product. Our Selling Price is typically around 20% less than the Retail Price with a few exceptions like oversized or heavy products. Because the Selling Price is lower than the Retail Price, our store program displays the Selling Price as a Sale, but in actuality it is just the Retail Price less Rich and Wanda’s World discount and the price we are selling the product for.

In some special cases discounts will be given by Rich and Wanda’s World such as Clearance Sales and Selected Product Discounts. In this event Rich and Wanda’s World will displayed the Discount Event, Products Discounted, and Duration on the event in a Banner at the top of our Home Page.